Vulners weekly digest #7

+1 integration for Vulners: Old and fresh vulnerabilitiesToolsVarious news This week Vullners integrated with data about Apple vulnerabilities! Already available at Vulners DB: Vulnerabilities Update news on vulnerabilities from our latest digest and sth new! Gitlab exploit Automation to exploit one of the latest vulnerabilities in gitlab. Of course, it's possible to exploit it … Continue reading Vulners weekly digest #7

Vulners weekly digest #6

This review is more about exploiting vulnerabilities in attacks on various areas. We also gave examples of why security updates should not be ignored. The most interesting vulnerabilities If you use any tools / systems that are mentioned in this section, it is recommended to install security updates. Gitlab multiple vulnerabilities Many companies use such … Continue reading Vulners weekly digest #6

Vulners weekly digest #5

+1 integration for VulnersReview fresh vulnerabilities without MicrosoftToolsNews without COVID-19 and ZOOM This week the Vullners integrated with a new great project: It is already available: Vulnerabilities, exploits or PoCs Is it possible to make a digest without vulnerabilities in microsoft products? Let's try to do it! Multiple vulnerabilities in the IQrouter Information … Continue reading Vulners weekly digest #5

Monthly Vulners Review #1

The first monthly vulners review.Main Vulners events.Only critical and important vulnerabilities.Some intersting tools.The most entertaining and flashy news. Vulners events There have been several events for Vulners this month: The revival of the blog;Translation of research Hidden Threat - Vulnerability Analysis using the news graph from Lydia Khramova;Intergated with Exploit Pack collection, which we mentioned … Continue reading Monthly Vulners Review #1

OSS-Fuzz data in Vulners

This month, vulners collected Google's open-source OSS-Fuzz data. OSS-Fuzz is a great tool for fuzz testing your projects to uncover different kinds of programming errors in software. "OSS-Fuzz provides ‘fuzzing as a service’ for open source projects" It's amazing that this data is now available both for easy visual searching and via the Vulners … Continue reading OSS-Fuzz data in Vulners

Hidden Threat – Vulnerability Analysis using the news graph

When you face to face a new vulnerability, what is the thought that comes first? Of course, respond as quickly as possible. However, speed is just one of the conditions for an effective fight against information security threats. When it comes to corporate security, it is equally important to determine without error what you should … Continue reading Hidden Threat – Vulnerability Analysis using the news graph