Second Tuesday patch, another victim of the ransomware and a friendly reaction of CERT teams to counter Emotet

ICS attacks, little known to the general public, are perhaps the most devastating in terms of potential negative consequences. New Bluetooth vulnerability and cool malware news. Vulnerabilities: Not an interesting microsoft patch (yet), ICS and bluetooth;Tools: Traditionally;News: Malware activity and CERT alert;Research: Mainly for Windows enthusiasts. Feedback -> here Vulnerabilities Microsoft released another September security … Continue reading Second Tuesday patch, another victim of the ransomware and a friendly reaction of CERT teams to counter Emotet

Zero-day for Apple (Safari), tools and malware news

Stealing local files via Safari, few PoCs with exploit, so veriety malware and blue team research (mostly). Vulnerabilities: Have you ever seen a digest without Microsoft?Tools: Mix of tools for the red and blue team;News: Mainly about malware and cats. Not everyone loves cats;Research: Usefull for SOC analysts and DFIR. Feedback -> here Vulnerabilities CVE-2020-3952 … Continue reading Zero-day for Apple (Safari), tools and malware news

Monthly Vulners Review #3

Monthly review for the first time in four sections. Feedback: Vulnerabilities and exploits Bitdefender fixed the vulnerability in SafePay, a secure browser designed to protect sensitive online transactions, such as online banking and electronic purchases. Exploitation of vulnerability CVE-2020-8102 allows an attacker to remotely execute commands in the context of a user on a … Continue reading Monthly Vulners Review #3

Vulners weekly digest #10

Default 4 sections:VulnerabilitiesToolsNewsThreat hunting and malware research Vulnerabilities Apple has released updates to fix a CVE-2020-9859 that was used to jailbreak an iPhone with iOS 13.5. The vulnerability affects the iOS kernel and can allow an application to execute arbitrary code with kernel privileges. CVE-2020-2883 in the Oracle WebLogic Server product of Oracle Fusion … Continue reading Vulners weekly digest #10

Vulners weekly digest #9

Four NO traditional sections in our weekly digest. Enjoy! Vulnerabilities and additional info LPE Windows CVE-2019-0880 Detailed research CVE-2019-0880 without exploit. Zero day? According to my tests, this bug seems to be still working against a full-patched Windows 7 system and for this reason I chose not to publish the exploit code. Research story … Continue reading Vulners weekly digest #9